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I have today started CS2D-server (As testing for check about it running smoothly on my hardware-server.)

I have found out, (this) parameters don't work:

-pw test
-password test

For setting password - for connecting to the gameserver.
Does that mean, I will need to edit on each server.cfg for setting a random password for connecting to the gameserver?

Thanks you!
09.10.20 09:39:43 pm
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Also an -ip parameter (or something like that) for hosting is needed.
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10.10.20 11:23:24 am
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Huh.. that should work. Will check why this isn't working.
Yes, you have to use the server.cfg then.

Edit: Found the bug. Will be fixed with the next release (no idea when this will be available)

@user mrc: Unfortunately the library I'm using has no support for using a specific IP (I guess that's what you're asking for). Therefore I can't add this feature. Also please use the idea thread for new ideas.
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