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02.12.21 08:18:40 am
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Host server from dedicated server on windows. All is good but sometimes someone join to server and i see in window ( (random, this is just an example)) WARNING flood.
And server tick too low 1-10. How i can protect server?
02.12.21 01:21:17 pm
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If all you see is this row and your server is not actually lagging, this is not a problem. Also, this warning means that the IP has received a temporary ban. You can issue a permanent ban via firewall.

P.S.: if you have (or someone) added your server into the GS4U server monitoring, you'll see this warning often. Then just don't do anything, that's OK.
You received a game ban because you seem to be a cheater. You are not able to log-in in-game anymore.
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